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Lisa lost 6lbs in 4 Weeks – UK

Jackie lost 20kilos in 12 Weeks – Singapore

I want to…..

I help men and women to live a balanced life using a series of programs that show you how to live happy, strong & healthy

 Whether your goal is to lose weight or kick your health back into being your greatest asset.

 Its easy with a proven formula…

REMOVE the foods that hold us back,

REBOOT the system and wipe the health slate clean,

RESET the mind with new healthy habits,



About Tania

A proud mum of 2 boys and a traveling expat, I was living a fast-paced lifestyle. It all caught up with me in 2012 with an early diagnosis of Breast Cancer, It knocked me for 6, and I went on a 6-year search to find the way to be healthy and stay healthy, On my journey, I lost 12 kilos of “having 2 babies” weight and I balanced my hormones, became happier, stronger and healthier. I learned so much in my journey that I had to share with others. Now I help people with all sorts of health issues, cancer of course, but also thyroid, heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, skin issues, blood pressure, cholesterol, depression, fatigue. I’ve even help athletes and fitness gurus to be top of their game.

More About Tania’s Story…..

Easy to Follow PROGRAMS to help….

With Personal contact with Tania, you are not alone on this

Tania Guide you all the way.




The Details







  • Get to know me
  • Find out what I can offer to help you
  • Work through issues you have in your health
  • Learn quick tips and what you can do now
  • Private and confidential 1 to 1 chat over a zoom.us internet meeting room
  • Get your questions answered and build a new goal
  • ITS FREE to Meet Tania and see how you can benefit with a transformation lifestyle change

An Overview





20150116_133741Join one of Tania’s in a free and informal chat to see how you can take your health to another level up in just a few days. No gimmicks, no supplements or products you have to buy, no sales push, just good old fashioned science-based factual advice and a winning formula that is guaranteed to make you feel fantastic. Tania shows you how easy and fun it is to regain your health. Book a time to chat to Tania or join one of her next Webinars that is available to watch and get ready to take action as you will leave feeling totally motivated. BOOK TANIA HERE




The Details





  • Learn how to plan your day to fuel your body
  • Set out in 3 phases – REMOVE, REBOOT, RESET
  • Learn all the food groups to remove, for your ultimate health
  • Learn all the different ways you can reboot your body
  • Learn how to reset your system for lasting change and transformation
  • Recipe books, videos, and training on how to find get rid of those niggling symptoms
  • Meal plans, shopping lists,
  • Separating out the myths from the facts and there are a lot, science-based facts no fiction in this program
  • How hormones control your weight loss
  • Insights to Vitamins, Stress on the body and lots more. This program is ULTIMATE as nothing has been left out of it.
  • Year access and a full first month of support for only US$197 per person

An Overview







20150116_133741Learning about how to fuel our body is key to your long-term health. This program is packed full of exactly how to fuel yourself, plus I teach you the latest holistic health issues that are out there. There is not much that I have left out of this program that will boost your immune, help to prep the body for weight loss and get your body into a state of health to heal and hence balance your hormones. Anti-inflammatory, helps with diabetics, combats bloating, constipation, weight loss, thyroid issues, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, prevention of disease for a long-term view of your health and with all of this you get your energy back, your libido, your skin becomes clear, eyes brighter, and the crutches of reaching for the coffee disappear. This program is not just for those that want to lose weight but also for those that want to detox the many toxins from our body for a clean slate. I’M READY SIGN ME UP


WEIGHT LOSS & Coaching



The Details







  • Want to lose 10 Kilos plus? Then this is the program for you
  • 1 to 1 coaching but also being part of a small community of people that are also on the same journey
    • Full evaluation looking at symptoms in 7 key areas of your life and then finding the cause of the symptoms to get you back to great health
    • Learn to read labels with a VIRTUAL Supermarket Tour
    • Exercise plan specific to your Body Type
    • Learn how to Relax and Manage Stress
    • Learn about Meditation, Self Hypnosis & Mindfulness
    • With regular emails to teach you about your body
    • Membership to the Weight Loss group of motivating friends, a gold part of the program
  • 6 sessions of 25 minutes plus full access to the ULTIMATE Health Program
  • Either face to face or over Zoom
  • $394

An Overview







20150116_133741Tania covers a more in-depth range of weight issues, looking into your health, what issues you have had and looking to solve the root cause for ultimate health and weight loss that is for life not just for the period of engagement.  Teaching the Dr. Berg Health training and coaching principles. Working through emotional eating as well as giving stress management tools to help you through the tough parts of life. Tania is open to sharing information and likes to reach the root of your symptoms. This holistic approach is supported with plant-based food sources, Tania won’t leave you until you have reached your goal. Areas that will be covered are preparation, full evaluation, analysis of your body type.  Starch & Plant-based diet taught. Ongoing one to one support on a daily / weekly basis for 6 months or until your goal is reached. For More Details click this Link





The Details






  • Learn how to balance your blood sugars in just a few days
  • Understand why and how diabetes type 2 occurs
  • Drastically reduce type 1 blood sugars
  • Understand the importance of exercise is balancing blood sugars
  • $197

An Overview






Diabetes is very much and misunderstood disease. If left out of control you can face serious consequences later in life such as kidney failure, eye issues, loss of limbs and many other symptoms that you can reverse now. Tania’s experience with her mother of 25 years diabetic, they trialed all the diets and now have the formula for 100% success. It’s easy, its simple, it’s delicious and your doctors will be amazed by you. Balancing your blood sugars by what you eat is done in a matter of days. Let me guide you to what you should be eating and what will keep you stuck as a diabetic. FOR MORE DETAILS CLICK HERE 







The Details





  • This program will reverse your cholesterol so your HDL goes up and your LDL goes down
  • Bring down blood pressure
  • Learn the top 12 tips to stop and reverse heart disease
  • Learn how you can eat a healthy balanced diet that will give you back your energy, your heart health and increase your nitric oxide that heals the heart.
  • Guidance all the way
  • See results in just 30 days
  • Online Program & Whats App Coaching $197

An Overview





20150116_133741It sounds too good to be true to heal the heart and the endothelial lining of the arteries. Its all reversible with a whole food plant-based diet. Tania has the key to your ultimate reversal of this disease that takes 50% of the western world population. Your doctor will be amazed at your healing power, and the reversal of your symptoms and the great blood test results. There is no time to waste, as moderation does not work with heart disease, so start today. Let Tania guide you through, this transformation to your ultimate health. TELL ME MORE





The Details





  • Personal and positive coaching from Tania
  • Proven to help the thyroid and bring balance back to your hormones
  • Find out the key foods and exercise to reverse your thyroid issues
  • Learn about your body type
  • Meal plans, recipe books & menu plans are given
  • 6 Coaching sessions of 25 minutes plus online platform that has all the recipes, training and guidance to help you through the next 30 days
  • $394

An Overview





20150116_133741Understanding the thyroid can be tricky. Why you got there and how to reverse your condition is all explained with Tania’s motivating coaching and answers to your questions. A program that you can follow that will allow your diet and lifestyle to reverse your thyroid issues. Learning all about your body, why it’s not balanced and how to rectify this. Its simple, fun and easy to follow. Tania always offers a money back guarantee on all her training and products if you are not completely satisfied. SIGN ME UP TODAY

Find out More About….

Non Toxic Daoe Deodorant Put To The Test

So whats in the spray that we put on twice a day that makes it so harmful to us? Well for a start spray and roll on deodorants are full of chemicals that are not friendly to our body or the environment. Spray deodorants have parabens, triclosans, and steareths. They...

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Tania’s Charity of Choice

When I am not helping others to get healthy, I am helping Global Fund For Children to raise awareness. Please support me in supporting Global Fund For Children. They are a boutique charity, so donations go straight to where they are needed. Helping the Youth of our future. Help support by linking Global Fund For Children UK Trust to your AMAZON ACCOUNT. It takes less than 1 minute of your time. It’s so quick easy and simple to do. THANK YOU. Global Fund for Children supports children and youth all around the world with grassroots partners. I support this charity. You can too, in addition to this. Any purchases via my site I DONATE 10% of my turnover to Global Fund For Children.


Rest Your System

Complete Holistic Health Program.

 If you want to loose kilos, regain your energy, safely and healthily.







Elizabeth, Singapore

Hi Tania, I’m loving all the information provided. I watched ‘How not to die’ linked to Day 4 email. It was brilliant & a real validation of my decision in Jan to transition to a plant based (vegan) lifestyle. I’m going to educate my children on this too. Your tip on freezing pre-cooked beans & pulses has made a huge difference to meal planning as we can now whip up a healthy & filling meal at short notice. Big thanks. Kind regards Elizabeth


Aww thanks! I’m loving this! I feel like I could juice only for weeks, especially as your recipes are so good and there is so much variety of flavors!!, Carleen


Aww thanks! I’m loving this! I feel like I could juice only for weeks, especially as your recipes are so good and there is so much variety of flavors!!
15/02/2017, 4:29 p.m, Naida

Loose Weight with Tania

One to One 6 Month Coaching Program

With a community of others to motivate you.

Once your Goal is reached Climb a mountain to celebrate your Win or Loss which every way you want to view it 🙂


When you get older, you will be asking yourself these questions

  1. Did I Choose well? Did I make the right choice in life, did I choose health over unhealthy options and so on?
  1. Did I build Healthy habits? Did I give myself time to do things that were healthy for my life, did they make that difference?
  1. Did I live my Life consciously, and in the best way possible?

Ask these questions now, are you doing everything you can now to protect yourself and grow older feeling younger.

Regards and Hope to see you in one of the webinars, Facebook chats or even try out a program or 2 to boost your health.

Tania Schnuppe




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