Are you feeling FATIGUED, BLOATED, and need a DETOX?

or perhaps LOW MOTIVATION, LOW ENERGY and your LIBIDO is going south?

 Simple, Easy & Fun

Only 100 tickets to this Unique Event Come Join Us

  • Are you plagued by daily fatigue?
  • Do you have bloating and gas?
  • Dry and falling hair, brittle nails?
  • Low libido?
  • Or perhaps your sex drive has dived and your belly has grown?
  • Are you grabbing for the booze but want to cut down?
  • Or just want to get motivated and feel better about yourself?

Let us show you how you can over come all of this. We have a room full of experts in natural health. Join the talk and meet our ambassadors. Tania the Detox and Cleanse Expert and the host of the event will show you how easy it is to overcome all of these issues and more. Join us for the 2 hour event and walk away with a gift of the start of your journey to getting your MOJO back. Let us help you to get motivated. You can give yourself the GIFT of regaining your vitality and Lets Get Your MOJO BACK.

I hour talk by Juicing, Detox and Weight Loss Expert Tania, plus a chance to talk to the ambassadors that have been through the journey. As well as 5 other companies that can help you to get back on track.


Freebies for the event 

  1. 1 juice of your choice on arrival
  2. Healthy snack samples of protein balls and zingy kale chips (totally delicious and you can make them at home with ease!)
  3. Full recipes for the snacks provided and a 3 day detox manual to take home.

And the best part Its Simple, Its Easy, and Its Fun.

Ready to take action for your health, clear out the cobwebs, REBOOT, RECHARGE and REENERGIZE.
After the event you will walk away feeling inspired and motivated to take action to the next step.

What You Get

Tania Explains How to :-

  • Overcome the toxic world around us & how to tell if your body is in a toxic state – Learn How to Remove Toxins
  • How to avoid long term damage to our heart, improve weakened immune function and better overall feeling of health, vitality and renewed energy
  • How to balance our hormones, that are out of whack – Get Balance in your Life!
  • Why adding a juice a day can turn your health around – MUST TRY TO BELIEVE – YOU WILL ROCK YOUR MOJO BACK – YEAH BABY!
  • Tell if your body is in an acid state and how to balance the alkaline acid balance and prevent future disease – Prevention of Disease – Priceless
  • The top way to loose weight, in a healthy way and regain your MOJO! Learn How to Loose 5Kg in 10 days!
  • What are the top 12 Essentials are that you need in your daily diet. Its called the “Daily Dozen” – Must Must Have for Tip Top Health.
  • Learn an instant Stress Management technique from Alex of Saakalya Yoga for wellbeing and balance in our hectic day to day fast lives – Not to be Missed!

Meet the Partners to the Event


Learn about essential oils and how they can benefit your health with BOTANICA CULTURE
Don’t have time to juice then we have teamed up with DAILY JUICE, who can supply all your Detox meal needs if you need extra help in one simple delivered to your door package.
Need a great goal to help you to reach the peak of your health? Then check out AMAZING TREKKERS CLUB and look at climbing a mountain to motivate your health kick.
Or Perhaps you are looking for regular exercise and a community then check out SAAKALYA YOGA for regular relaxation and yoga.
Have not started anything yet as you have aches and pains then CITY OSTEOPATHY are on hand to help you through.
Or maybe you want to be Pain Free, then check out Else at ELSE VISTISEN THERAPY
If you are stuck emotionally, want to change unwanted habits and need to move off your current needle, then try Hypnotherapy/ Meditation. It works Wonders with BLINK 



All there for you to talk to about the Kick Start to – Getting Your MOJO Back.

Come Join the Community & Get Motivated

This is the best ever opportunity to join a community – a ‘tribe’ of others that are searching and discovering the same journey, to detox, to cleanse to refresh and renew yourself to feel great all around. Get fit, feel young, be healthy, have fun, regain your sex drive, your vitality and your MOJO. The community is GOLD. Its supportive, motivating and we are all behind you and along side with you every step of the way. This part of the program makes it easy to stick to when you have so much force and motivation behind you every step of the way.

Easy Venue to Get to

An easy venue to get to, either take the MRT and exit to One Commonwealth. Head to the 2nd floor and take a right. If you are driving you can easily park on the level 2 where the event is taking place. Be greeted with a freshly prepared juice of your choice and some healthy snacks that are all super easy to remake at home.

Venue address

FREE COMMUNE, 1 Commonwealth Lane, #02-02 One Commonwealth, Singapore 149544

The Workshop is an Investment to You and Your Health

Meet Tania

Tania Schnuppe is a trained Hypnotherapist and a qualified coach. Her specialist area is Health due to a cancer scare in 2012, which drove her to wanting to find the answer for longevity and prevention to disease. Tania’s journey was so thorough, that she could not keep it to herself and soon motivated others to give cleansing and detoxing it a try. Tania’s journey kept bringing her back to the same roads, juicing and plant based diet. With much success with juicing and regular detoxing and cleansing (think of it as your body being a car, its like having a car service every 3 months). Tania soon found a formula that works for all to start the journey that will kick start your health and keep you healthy and safe from the daily toxin build up in our lives. Did you know we are exposed to over 80,000 chemicals on a daily basis! We need to look after our liver sometimes and give it a well earned break to rest, rejuvenate, repair and rebuild. We have great tips and tricks to introduce you too. Tips which are simple and easy to add to your daily regime. Tania shares these all in her online community based detox & cleanse program and wants to show you how easy it is to have a balanced mind and body. The idea is to grown older feeling younger!

Tania started to help others, and with all clients coming from word of mouth. Tania successfully got her own health back to tip top shape and then helped her mum Jackie. Jackie followed Tania’s program and lost 20kilos and reversed her diabetes back in 2014, and improved her kidney function away from dialysis. After Tania helped others with Leukemia, Auto Immune Diseases, Diabetics, Weight Loss, Adrenal Fatigue, Hashimoto’s and many more that have digestive issues, constipation, gas bloating and general feeling like something could be better. Today Tania has put all her findings and knowledge into a program that will blow you away. Many that join in the journey say its life changing.

Special Thanks to the Irresistible You Partners

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