Everything you will ever need to know about juicing and blending can be found in the

Juice Me Up 101 Talk. Its only an hour and you will come out feeling like you want to start today.

Come Join and learn what the world has gone nuts over and why it works!



     What you get in the

      JUICE ME UP 101

             Health Talk

  • Learn which is the right juicer for you
  • Find out why juicing works so well to restore your health
  • Find out the benefits of juicing to you and the family
  • Learn how to prepare the vegetable and fruit
  • What makes a good juice hints and tips
  • Full 10 day reboot recipes as well as
  • Substitution lists for the veggies that you just can’t get or don’t like
  • Shopping list
  • Introduction to blending with some pre and post work out recipes
  • Home made delicious tea recipes
  • Storing, what to do with the pulp and the difference with store bought juice
  • to go organic or not to go organic
  • Exercising whilst juicing
  • And lots more to get you started and on your way.
  • Questions and Answers


  What’s In the Juice Me Up Talk



Juicing is the root to boosting your immune system, fighting illness, staying healthy and drinking nutritious and complete drinks that are not loaded with sugar, just goodness. The entire family can change to this natural way of drinking.

Throw out the store bought, processed juices and the fizzy drinks.


At the end of the Juce Me Up Talk you will find fellow people that will be keen to give the 10 day reboot a try. It makes it even more fun when you have others to reboot with. So find a friend or 2 and try a reboot.

For the talk, I will come to your house, guide you through the recipes, tell you all the hints and tips, introduce you to the right juicer for you and your family. Let you know about the substitutions you can have if you don’t like a particular vegetable or fruit, the health benefits and how Juicing can really help you to great health. Check out the testimonial from Jackie below for encouragement, and the thousands of others from all around the world.

At the end of the seminar you may even have a few that are keen to do a reboot. It makes it even more fun when you have others to reboot with your for so many reasons.
You have the support, someone to talk to about how you are doing, help and guidance for when things are a little tough, such as in the first 3 days of the detox.

All you need is 10 people keen to hear about Juicing and its benefits, this can be from work or with friends and we will come and show you how truly easy it really is.



Book your Introduction to Juicing today Here

For the talk, I will come to your house or your office and guide you through the recipes, tell you all the hints and tips, introduce you to the right juicer . Let you know about the substitiuitons the health benefits and how Juicing can really help you to great health. Check out the testimonial from Berendje below for encouragement.

I will go over why juicing is so good for you and the endless benefits to introducing more vegetables and greens into your diet.

$20 per head minimum of 10 keen budding Juicingly great people needed,

To learn more and to get my healthy tips on juicng and health – sign up to my Juice Me Up facebook page.


Having been a keen juicing nut for the last 10 years. I became even more passionate about juicing after my diagnosis of Breast Cancer. I felt I needed to really look at what nourishes my body, boosts my immune and energises me the most to prevent reoccurance. So I have been rebooting now since 2005 and since 2012 without fail every 3 months for 10 days with nothing but healing and delicious vegetable juices and of course daily vegetable juicing in between. I don’t juice a lot of fruits, only vegetables with added fruit to sweeten the taste.

I can tell you that this journey is one I would never give up. Each time I do a reboot I just bring myself back to the perfect me in terms of weight and health and feeling 21 again.

Juicing vegetables and leafty greens is a super way to get your daily intake of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that the body needs to build healthy cells for you to grow strong. It enhances the liver and kidneys, pancreas and stabilises blood sugars so this is perfect for diabetics or those close to being diagnosed with diabetes.

Having a juice in the morning can boost your potassium levels and squash cravings. Did you know its not the sugar that you crave in the afternoons but potassium! These kinds of tips will come in abbundance on my Health Coaching Programs.

Get your daily veggie dose with the help of juicing. Its quick and easy and delicious. Start today and add in a green juice to your morning routine. Book a Juice Talk start to Juice Me Up!


Name: Jackie Owen

Age: 65

Location: UK/Singapore

What Health Issues applied to you before Juicing? Diabetic – on insulin injections, with high blood pressure, high cholesterol hypertension, heart burn, overweight and low to no energy.

What Program were you on with Tania? Signature 6 month program with 65 days juicing only to start with. 

Why did you Reboot? To get my health back and loose weight. I lost 20kgs in 4 months

 Jackie’s Story

I arrived in Singapore on the 10th September 2013. I had to be collected from the airport as I was not in a fit state to carry or handle my suitcases, as I was overweight and totally unfit. I sort of had in mind I would follow what Tania wanted me to do, with regards to my diet as I knew that she could help me. I was in a really bad way with pains in my chest getting stronger and stronger.

I decided myself that I wanted to do a 10-day reboot. My starting weight was 90kg, and I felt miserable. My diabetic readings were out of control and up well in the 20 figure every day, which should be around 7. My cholesterol was 4.9 and the hospital wrote me a letter saying they wanted that down to 4.2! I had problems getting it down to 4.9.

My legs were the main problem as I could not walk even to the bus stop, which was only around the corner. From my knees down they were so painful after a few minutes walk, not swollen though just painful and that I just came to a stop, rested and then went on. Even in the picture above I am being helped by my son in law. So all I did was walk and then stand completely still for a minute which made the pain stop.

If I went out with the family is was normal for them to look back in case I was way behind them, which I always was. I felt like I did not want to go out and very unhappy about my condition. Most of the time I found an excuse not to go.

But then a miracle happened and I went to Singapore to visit Gregor and Tania. I started my re-boot on 18th September 2013 and was planning to do the 10 days.
I was taking every day: insulin, Amplodipine for blood pressure , Simvastatin for cholesterol and Ezetamine for blood pressure.
My blood pressure with pills was : 126/72.

After 10 days of juicing, I felt a lot more comfortable. I had energy that I did not know where it had come from and my blood pressure without pills was down to 132/80. The added bonus was that my weight also went down to 82kg
I had lost 8kg. I was pretty happy with the weight loss and how I felt, plus my blood sugar readings had gone to the normal range and improved the most I have ever seen in the past 15 years. Because of this I did not need the blood pressure medication and the insulin levels came right down.

It has been a bit of trial and error, as I found I could only have 1 carrot and half a raw Beetroot in one juice, as they are very sweet. Also I could not take oats or fruit in my juices as my readings would have gone up. I started putting 1” of bitter gourd in, which is great for Diabetics and lemon, Garlic, chard, greens, peppers, courgettes, cucumber etc in my juices. I took them every 3 hours and started drinking water with a dash of Braggs apple cider vinegar in the morning first thing. Also liked to drink Luke warm water during the day.

I lasted a total of 65 days. I felt amazing. My goal was to reach 70 kilos and I achieved it. With all my added energy that just kept rising I exercised every day for an hour in the Botanic Gardens park doing Luk Tung Kuen (like Tai Chi but faster) with Mr Tay. Thanks to Tania and this program of Juicing I restored my health and put a smile on my doctors face as he could not believe the results.
Juicing saved my life.

Jackie Owen

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