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6 sessions 25 minutes + online program

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7 DAYS unlimited access to the program, 75% Proceeds goes to the Global Children’s Fund Charity

Essential Tooth Oils (Replacements to Toothpaste)

I have been using these tooth oils for 3 years now and just had to stock this line. Its 1,000 times better than toxic toothpaste. Switch today you will not regret it. Take 2 mins to have a look at the video in the link to the tooth oil and see all the wonderful benefits. Your mouth will feel fresh and clean and bad bacteria free, whilst being able to build the good bacteria with supported natural mother earth goodness of these powerful oils.

Essential Oils

Ditch the toxic medicine cabinet and do your liver a favour. There is nothing that EO’s can not remedy. Any aliment and you can heal it far better, safer and quicker than medication which puts strain on the liver and kidneys. Download this app too 0- GOOGLE PLAY, APPLE,  for instant access to see what you need to treat the ailment. Also if you know me then you know that I don’t mess around this brand is the best you can get anywhere in the world – why because its organic for a start hardly any EO’s are organic now a days, plus the owner Tri is as passionate about what she does as we are about our health. She and her husband source from all over the world the best quality you can get.

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Join us on our Monthly Detox and get your health back into great shape Here’s What This Years Detoxer’s are saying about the Program. Day 3: I am on day 3 and happy to announce I’ve dropped 3kg! Bursting with energy and feeling great. – Hazleen, Singapore Day 5: My day started at 6.10am and had been out of the house since 7am and just got home from ferrying the kids and errands, A long day but I’m still full of energy! – Khemie, Singapore Day 6 : That Dinner juice last night was awesome. – Judy, Chicago Day 8 : Day 8 of juicing and I have lost 5 kilos thanks to juicing. – Norintan, Singapore. COME JOIN US AND BALANCE YOUR HORMONES 

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