The ULTIMATE Guided Weight Loss Program

Loose 10kg and More

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What You Get In Detail

  Recipe meal plans for each phase

  Shopping lists


  Guided Emails

  Daily Whats app contact

  Facebook support

  In program support and guidance

  Video tutorials for each learning

  Video on how to make the recipes

  Recipe books for each phase

Here’s What’s In the Program

Phase 1

10 days Preparation. This is an easy entry and a super way to cut out the foods or drinks that are holding you back, some maybe hard so you get lots of support here. This phase is about Removing toxins & endocrine disruptors from our system

Phase 2

10 Days Juicing or Juicesmoothieing (juices and smoothies) or Juicing and light meals – there are 3 menu plans to choose from

Phase 3

10 days of looking after your liver and supporting all the hard work and great feeling you will have had from phase 2.

Phase 4

Transition back into normal eating knowing what works for your body and what may be giving you those old symptoms of the past.


Ultimate Guided Detox Program

Program + Slow Juicer

SGD$694 save $50

Ultimate Guided Detox Program

Ultimate Detox Program SGD$297

Ultimate Guided Weight Loss Program

ULTIMATE Guided Weight Loss Program SGD$997

This Program is for you if…


You want to loose a few kilos


You have an ongoing health issue


You find it hard to sleep


You have skin issues like eczema, acne or dry skin


You are diabetic and want to control your blood sugars


You are healthy and just want to continue to improve your health


If you do not have a clue how to start and need guidance


You want to feel energy and vitality


You have auto immune conditions


You have depression or anxiety


You have Thyroid or adrenal issues


Have gut issues, bloating, gas or constipation


If you need support as you can not do this alone

Why is The Program is Program SO SPECIAL

We work by looking at hormones and fueling with nutritious foods

MIND – How our thoughts affect our eating habits – brain gut connection

BODY – Looking at ways to fuel the body, intake foods that heal and getting to a cellular level for cellular repair using Plant Base nutrient. We become nutrientarians

EXERCISE – Moving the body for vitality and energy

ENVIROMENT – Looking at all the other factors around us that influence our health in +ve or -ve ways.


One to one contact from Tania daily – its priceless

Health, Life, Longevity Program starts 1st of the Month


Each phase we talk about and discover the right exercise for your body type.


We measure your starting point and your symptoms. There is a comprehensive 4 page guide to possible symptoms that you will see melt away by the end of the program


Stress being one of the main issues for us all Tania gives you tips and tricks on how to manage stress with some guided self hypnosis mp3’s to leave you feeling calm and in control.


Tania delivers all the latest that is being talked about in the health arena, following over 100 holistic doctors and brining you latest in studies and science based nutrition and well being. With this you will have the power to take your heath into your own hands



Free Yearly Membership – Tania is offering a yearly Membership on going support and monthly follow up . You get a detox daily deeper dive, with tips and how to’s.


Join in as many detoxes throughout the year  – Tania will invite you to join one of the many detoxes she holds through out the year, so you don’t have to worry about planning the next one. Tania will guide you though them all.


Amazing 1 to 1 interview with Dom with over 47 years of Kefir making knowledge, this interview gives you the insight into how to make anything kefir or fermented.


Free PDF book on Your natural Medicine Cabinet, looking at all the alternatives for a toxin free life.

The ULTIMATE Guided Detox Program is a simple and easy to follow program, that will help you to gain knowledge about the food that you eat, and also how it can affect our bodies. Where the hidden toxins are in our foods and how we can overcome these for a healthy and vibrant life. This program will aid in healing, energy, weigh loss, youthful and age regenerating skin, stronger hair, nails and sharper mind.


What the program is not

It’s not a calorie counting program  |   There are no extreme detox flushes  |   Its not a starving yourself program, quite the opposite


How long do I have to do the program for?
The program is flexible so you can either do the full 30 days or start at any phase that you like, you can always do the full program at a later date. But the best thing is to get started.

Can I continue to take my supplements and medication?
Yes if you wish, but with regard to the supplement you can come off these for the juicing phase as you will be having a lot of nutrients going in.

Always consult your doctor with any queries to your medication.

Do I have to do the juicing phase?
No you can skip this part or just do the juicing and light meals menu.

Want to know more then come meet Tania in a face to face workshop

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