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Ditch The Diet, Detox Instead

Juicing, Detox and Weight Loss Expert Tania Schnuppe, plus a chance for Q & A



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  • Dukes Road, Singapore. An email confirmation will be sent to you with the full address. Maximum 15 people but do sign up a friend as its a lovely workshop.
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Regaining Health is Simple, Easy, and Fun.

Tania’s workshops boost your inner self to think, be and feel wonderful inside and out, clear out the cobwebs, REBOOT, RECHARGE and REENERGIZE.
After the event you will walk away feeling inspired and motivated to take action to the next step.

The ULTIMATE Health Talk – What You Get

Tania Explains How to :-

  • Overcome the toxic world around us & how to tell if your body is in a toxic state – Learn how to REMOVE toxins
  • Juice Demo and training on – How to REBOOT & make delicious nutritious juices
  • Why adding a juice a day can turn your health around – Get energy back in your life!
  • How to balance our hormones, that are out of whack – RESTORE & Get balance in your life!
  • Tell if your body is in an acid state and how to balance the alkaline acid balance and prevent future disease – RESET for Prevention of Disease – Priceless
  • The top way to loose weight, in a healthy way and regain your MOJO! Learn How to Loose 5Kg in 10 days!
  • What are the top 12 Essentials are that you need in your daily diet. Its called the “Daily Dozen” – Must Must Have for Tip Top Health.
  • Learn how to overcome the top 15 way we are likely to pass away if no change is taken

Part of Tania’s Health 4 Life Programs

Essential Oils Talk – What You Get

Tania Explains How to :-

  • Full details of 10 essential oils and essential oil blends
  • How to apply
  • How much to use
  • When to use them and how
  • What they are used for
  • 101 Benefits to each oil
  • Making a new medicine cabinet that is natural and the most healing over medications
  • Print out of all the oils that are talked about in the workshop
  • Chance to buy the ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OILs as supplied by Tania – Tania uses all the products she recommends and sells

Learn How to Increase Health, Boost Immune and all in a Holistic Approach.

Chemical Free – Toxin Free

Meet Tania

Tania Schnuppe is a trained Hypnotherapist and a qualified coach. Her specialist area is Health due to a cancer scare in 2012, which drove her to wanting to find the answer for longevity and prevention to disease. Tania’s journey was so thorough, that she could not keep it to herself and soon motivated others to give cleansing and detoxing a try. Tania’s journey kept bringing her back to the same roads, juicing and plant based diet. With much success with juicing and regular detoxing and cleansing. Tania soon found a formula that works for all to start the journey that will kick start your health. Tania realized that people do not know where to start, what to eat, what to do. The most memorable things in life are not things they are experiences. Tania has built an experience that will last for ever.

Tania started to help others, and with all clients coming from word of mouth. Tania successfully boosted her own health back to tip top shape and then helped her others too. Tanias frist client was her Mum, Jackie who followed Tania’s program and lost 20kilos and reversed her diabetes back in 2014, and improved her kidney function away from dialysis. After Tania helped others with coming to her that had Leukemia, Auto Immune Diseases, Diabetics, Weight Loss, Adrenal Fatigue, Hashimoto’s, Digestive Issues, Constipation, Gas, Bloating and general feeling like something could be better. Today Tania has put all her findings and knowledge into her programs that will blow you away. Many that join in the journey say its life changing. So start with a Workshop and see where this takes you. You have noting to loose, except for gaining great health.

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